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Judge Permits Plaintiffs to Seek Punitive Damages Against Wells Fargo

Bergman has been prosecuting a loan modification negligence and breach of contract case against Wells Fargo for its deceptive practices in reviewing and negotiating a loan modification.  This case has been in litigation since April 2012 and new evidence obtained in discovery has led to the plaintiffs amending their complaint to add a cause of action for intentional misrepresentation and punitive damages.  With trial around the corner, it was no surprise that Wells Fargo tried to dismiss our complaint and strike our request for punitive damages.  The judge agreed with the plaintiffs and denied Wells Fargo’s request for dismissal and to strike punitive damages.  Plaintiffs are hoping to take this case to trial to hold Wells Fargo accountable to compensate them for their injuries caused by Wells Fargo’s deceptive practices.

Read the judge’s latest ruling here: Tentative – Demurrer and here Tenative – MTS

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