General Business Law

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BAPC’s work in the business community is one of success and innovation across a broad set of business law disciplines, industries, and clientele. Our exceptional team of attorneys are highly esteemed for their legal insight, business instinct, and innovative solutions. Our attorneys specialize in crafting solutions which control costs while supporting all the your business’ operational needs. Whether your business matters involve a start-up, merger, re-organization, or negotiations relating to an ongoing operation or real estate purchase, every step is overseen by a partner-level corporate lawyer. Each of our partners offers significant hands-on experience, which directly translates to the expedited processing, and timely conclusion, of most all transactions. Our experience and clients range from individual entrepreneurs to large companies to global enterprises and the expert handling of a diverse range of issues: 

  • Business Planning
  • Start-ups
  • Formation
  • Entity Selection
  • Incorporation
  • Contracts
  • Breach of Contract
  • Small Business Law

Affordable General Counsel

When you have business law needs, but may not have the resources to have a full-time legal department, we can help. With our shared general counsel program, you are able to pay a reasonable monthly fee and have BAPC available to serve as legal counsel whenever your legal matters arise.

To speak with an attorney about a business transaction or corporate legal matter, contact us or use the form on this page to arrange for a consultation with an experienced business lawyer.