Client Care

Features of our Annual Client Care include:

  • A yearly list of the Fiduciary nominations. This provides an important opportunity to review those people you have chosen to fulfill your legacy. And the equally important opportunity to make any changes that that you feel are necessary. Those clerical name changes will be made to update your plan.
  • A yearly review of the plan, with an optional 1-hour in person meeting, to see if there are any changes that need to be made.
  • An  emergency  card  providing  access  to  your  health  care documents  24  hours  a  day,  7  days  a  week,  anywhere  in  the world
  • An online, password-protected secure client “vault” (online document storage facility) on our website for estate planning and other documents
  • Reasonable phone calls throughout the year from you and your advisers.
  • A review of your assets and assistance with properly funding 2 new assets a year

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