Client Testimonials

“Wanted to thank the entire team for an impressive job. We were so intent on beating traffic to our next appointment, I certainly did not adequately express our appreciation for such a thorough and thoughtful job. It gives us enormous relief and peace of mind to have these important issue updated with [the children] now 21 and 18 and [husband] and I downsizing to the desert. I really appreciated Penelope taking time to meet with [husband] independently so they could get a sense of each other and he could further discuss his wishes for the power of attorney document. We know there will be adjustments and updates over time, but we are in such a better place having theses documents executed. Thank you so very much.”

– Cinnia F.

“The most compassionate and caring lawyer you’ll ever meet!  Penelope assisted me with getting my son the appropriate services and accommodations that were much needed at his school. I was hesitant to hire an attorney, but Penelope’s compassion and knowledge made the process smooth and less stressful.

My son is now doing great in school. Her attention to detail is remarkable which makes her an excellent lawyer and advocate.”

– Monica C.

“Penelope has been amazing. It is a nail biting experience when one is forced to hire a lawyer. Yet, Penelope made the entire experience tolerable by imparting clear and straightforward information at every important juncture. And during the trying times I deeply appreciated her patience and support.

Penelope has successfully been able to secure the loan modification I required and now I am able to keep my home. I am delighted. I have utmost respect for Penelope and her wonderful staff!”

– Monika W.

“Penelope and her firm represented me in a loan mod and lawsuit against the company that held my mortgage. Not only did she get me an amazing loan modification but the lawsuit outcome was much better than I had ever expected. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the law was very apparent from the outset and I was truly impressed at the fact that her whole staff always showed they really cared about my every concern and went out of there way to keep me up to date and at ease. I would recommend this firm and Penelope to anyone who is looking for a lawyer that goes that extra mile for their clients!!”

– Mike J.

“From the start, I felt at ease and was inspired by their knowledge and efficiency which, in turn, generated trust.  Their practice centers around the ethic of care and caring as was evidenced by their conversational style of questioning sprinkled with humor and hospitality.  In this way, business became a pleasure.  This relaxed atmosphere gave me confidence to ask questions without feeling intimidated and/or embarrassed by my ignorance; or pressured by the ‘time is money’ paradigm so strictly held by many attorneys, psychotherapists, M.D.s, etc.!!”

– Gwynn L.

“Thank you for your good work on our property. As of November 1st, the keys to the property are back in our hands. Many thanks!”

– Herman S.

“Thank you again for all your help. We are thrilled that we were able to get the property! It really made a difference using a real estate lawyer. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

– Leo A.

“I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. I feel you and your staff are miracle workers! Thank you for all your effort.”

– Donna B.

“Thank you for helping me keep my home. Your organization has been very professional and shown me empathy throughout this difficult process. I will highly recommend your firm to my acquaintances.”

– Randy H.

Thank you for all your help, advise, quick response, and reassuring words. I’ve already recommended your firm to people at work. Thanks again!

– Grace A.

Thank you for all your help. We certainly couldn’t have done this without you.

– Susan D.

Thank you again for going that extra mile for me. A+ to you and your team. I will definitely put the words out for your firm.

– Moe K.